Article 50: Your right to know

Back in late July, I tweeted this Order of the High Court in the legal challenge to the Government’s position that no Act of Parliament is needed to trigger Article 50:

I think that is a pretty remarkable Order for Government to have procured in an action of enormous and legitimate public interest.

Today, John Halford at Bindmans LLP has applied to the High Court to amend the effects of that Order. I have reproduced, following, that application.

Should you want to fund the legal challenge you can do so here. And I have also, today, in a separate blog post, reproduced one of the Skeletons produced by those bringing the challenge.




6 thoughts on “Article 50: Your right to know

  1. Can you explain exactly what is being funded by the crowdfunding site you linked to, and how it relates to the main case?

  2. Thank you for this.

    Wishing you – and us all – every success.

    Best wishes,


  3. I too wish all of you involved the best of luck. In the MSM we hear little about this effort to have a huge ‘decision’ for the country to be dealt with properly. The campaign to leave had the supposed lack sovereignty as one of the reasons we should leave the EU and it turns out that the Tory party itself is denying Parliament its sovereign right to decide!!

    The Tories have essentially hijacked Parliamentary democracy and if this goes unchallenged what other issues will the bypass Parliament on?

    Just thinking about that chills my bones and makes me very angry indeed.

    All the best.

  4. Parliament did exercise its Parliamentary right to decide when passing the Referendum Act in 2015 by a massive majority. The moral case and the honourable case to proceed to A50 has been established.
    What remains is a technical or legal issue.
    If there are people who think Parliament needs consulting a 2nd time on principled grounds ( which translates as not being happy with the public vote ), then they risk a populace rising up with pitchforks if it means that in 2019 we are electing another quota of MEPs.

  5. Yes – I am aware that was the case Andrew but to be honest I have not seen the wording of that Act. Did it then give carte blanche to the Government to move towards exit in the event of an out vote? Or was provision set aside for the decision to go back to Parliament? What you call ‘technical’ I call ‘democracy’.

    I believe that PARLIAMENT should honour the vote – not just the Tories because the way in which we leave can then be considered properly by all concerned. That is what we pay lots of money for a Parliament to exist for to do this sort of thing. To work together for us. The way we leave should be open to scrutiny.

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