A kind donor who wishes to support the work I am doing has given me a sum of money. From it I hope to, amongst other things, engage a series of interns beginning in the New Year. I envisage month long internships, based with me in Devereux Chambers in Central London. The internships will carry London Living Wage, currently £9.75 per hour.

My thoughts are currently taking shape. They will be better shaped come the New Year. And better shaped still with the help of whoever I appoint. But, for the moment…

I am presently working, in particular, to ensure that Parliament (and through or via it the electorate) controls the process and outcomes of the United Kingdom’s Brexit. But I am also interested in ‘cause lawyering’ more generally. How can we use the law and lawyers to achieve positive change? And how do we engage and engage with non-lawyers in that exercise?

Intern One will help me write a brief for and work with third party technical support to set up a website to advance the project. S/he will help me identify what I should want in terms of architecture, functionality, database, merchant account services, and so on.

Intern Two will explore and report on existing cause-lawyering models and how to drive public engagement in cause lawyering.

An applicant for one of these internships should demonstrate experience of or an interest in the relevant field. Applications are particularly welcome from groups under-represented in the law. And from those who can show they’ve achieved what they’ve achieved by the strength of their own right arm.

Please apply by letter of no more than two pages and single page CV to me at Devereux Chambers. Apply, please, by 9 December 2016 stating your availability from the New Year. I envisage full time but applications for half time or more would also be welcome.

I will update this page. Please revisit it.

17 thoughts on “Internships

  1. This is a fantastic idea. Do you envision this for gap year students? Or recent graduates still looking for a job? What sort of age range? I have several ideas for young people.

    Rosalind Stewart

  2. Gap year students might struggle to compete. But all ages are welcome to apply.

  3. Would it be helpful to have a mentor for Intern One? Happy to give a day or two to the cause if it would.

  4. Thank you, Mike. That’s very kind. I’ll be in touch!

  5. Hi Jo – following up from Twitter to say I’d be happy to lend some time/expertise on digital campaigning & platforms .

  6. Happy to help re. establishing a corporate vehicle etc.

  7. Jolyon, this is fantastic.
    Is it worth applying if I am only available between June-August?

  8. Probably not. But I hope it will be a running programme…

  9. What a pity, please keep updating the blog I would love to get involved, even if as a voluntary researcher which I could fit around current studies.

  10. how long would we have to be available for is 10 days enough?

  11. Ideally a month but I’ll always consider exceptional candidates.

  12. Will it be possible to apply via email if I am out of the country at the moment?

  13. Of course.

  14. “Applications are particularly welcome from groups under-represented in the law. And from those who can show they’ve achieved what they’ve achieved by the strength of their own right arm.”

    Left-handed people facing yet more discrimination… 😦

    I would recommend Stripe as a payment system. Very easy to integrate and use, low fees, no need for a merchant account etc.

    More information here:

  15. Hi Jolyon,

    That sounds great! What kind of background/experience would your ideal candidate have and what will your selection criteria be?

    Thank you in advance,


  16. PS Would it be possible to apply by email or should interested applicants apply via post to your chambers?

    Thank you

  17. Email fine

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