The (missing) Conservative Party Manifesto 2017

Who knows why the Conservative Party has deleted its Manifesto?


Surely not because they do not wish to be held to the promises they made to the electorate only a few short weeks ago? Surely?

Fortunately I have saved a copy. Just click here Manifesto2017.


Note: What the Conservative Party can take down, the Conservative Party can put back up again. Well, on its website anyway. And the Manifesto, which had been removed, is now back.

But as to which of the promises they made to the electorate in that document they still plan to keep – and which they plan to break – time alone will tell…


One thought on “The (missing) Conservative Party Manifesto 2017

  1. How can you change a manifesto after the election? Surely this is the one they offered the electorate and the one their supporters voted for?

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